S R.O.

is a common experience. Many businessmen, as a self-employed person, have developed up to their own company, in Whichthey can continue to grow and develop in their field.

The possibilities that entrepreneurs in the founding of the company offer are many-from bank loans, loans and overdraft contracts to the acquisition of new positions in the market. The most important of the business and the design of the project is the richlist of companies in the Czech Republic.

What do you need?

For the foundation of the Company Ltd. is necessary business plan, money deposit and bureaucratsmatters, with which any lawyer with a specialise of commercial law will assist you. Within five weeks, your company should be succesfounded. It is followed by a commercial register, which is waiting for half a year (the Court of Registry). You will receive the incorporation of the company in the commercial register from the registration Court, which is recommended to be sent to the registered office of the company.