Favourable prices

Build a wall and prevent the curious to have your land occupied. With concrete fences from the Czech family company you will not only have privacy, but you will be absolutely safe. We offer a professional approach, service life, delivery speed and very reasonable prices. Choose now and for the next few years you have been left. Measure your size, choose a suitable pattern and order.
Elegance and privacy
In addition to full parts that perfectly reliably protect your privacy, we also offer parts with openings in different variants. You can combine both species and you will get an elegant concrete fence that has a long service life and a very low maintenance. Check out our website and choose. You can mount the parts yourself, you only need a grinding machine with a diamond wheel.

The perfect opportunity to change

Not every woman was made to have beautiful and long hair in mid-back. If you would like to be right after such a mane, do not despair, you do not have to say goodbye to it once and for all. You can also use a great option that is very affordable nowadays. With the extension of hair you will be very satisfied with the repair, because it is thanks to this matter you get a beautiful mane, which will be the center of attention.
According to your wishes.
Your future hairstyle will be exactly according to your liking. It doesn't matter if you just want to thicken or lengthen, all your wishes will be heard, nowadays, when there are a lot of methods, it is no longer a problem. Do not hesitate for a second and treat yourself to this procedure, during which you will gradually acquire what you desire so much.

Response Guarantee

In today's world of virtual reality, which interferes with our reality, the necessary thing.

A certain size, type and color of the font, artwork, photographs, supplementary characters and illustrations arranged in a certain way that ensures the perfect clarity and eye-catching of the website. The creation of Web pages maximally uses formal requirements to create a creative and aesthetically appropriate promotion on the Internet. Contact experienced staff who know all the rules and use them nicely to produce the perfect advertising product. Site Creation is an investment. However, investing in this imaginable material pays off in the form of a long line of customers that your communication impresses.
Response Guarantee

The creation of the website is today an essential measure of business success, trading and presentation of institutions, organisations and private individuals for a variety of purposes.

Cheer with us

In the Davis Cup, unfortunately, we were not successful in March this year. That's why our men will have to play a game of preservation in an elite group. Who will represent us? We hope our ones won't disappoint us. Radek Štěpánek and Petr Berdych are sure to participate actively in this match. With our live tennis, we'll be there. Our fans won't disappoint us.
We are great in team competitions
We did not succeed in the opening round of the Davis Cup this time. What was the cause? Apparently the Austrians were better. Our battles did not interfere with the best. Lukáš Rosol and Jiří Veselý lost. We believe that we will be better off in the fight for preservation in the elite group. We'll keep our men thumbs to handle it. It would be a great shame to descend. Our live tennis is still here for you.

Advertising Textiles

Do you want your employees to wear a decent garment with the logo or name of your company? Then just for you there is a print of T-shirts. You can choose from a number of advertising clothing manufacturers, which differ in particular the price and quality of the garments offered and, last but not least, the cut. Some companies offer classic cuts, others are mostly oriented on modern cuts. We also print on other kinds of clothing-shirts, polo shirts, vests, jackets and also clothes for children.
Original Clothing
Do you want to have original garments in your home or take an unforgettable event and want the participants to have a keepsake? Whether it's one way or another, it will surely make you happy with our service of T-shirt printing. You can choose not only the image theme, its size and location, but also the whole print technology (screen printing or digital). The image can be any color, and either you can use our image database, or find or create your own, the initiative does not impose limits.

Fits all types and room sizes

We offer you quality, at excellent prices, and also in such beauty that is magical. Our offered wooden floors are so, and you can help them with them, on more pages. They will ensure your homes so that they are, only in the highest quality and always give you a helping hand in terms of the colorful image of your home. Believe that it fits in all sizes and types of rooms and rooms.
Quality that will save you money
Choose our wooden flooring and believe that you buy quality that will forever conserve your finances. Only with us this certainty you have and it really at the excellent prices we offer you already when you buy them. So look at our varied offer, where there are many varieties, types and color variants. Get the quality that will save your money always.

Different types of Chat

Looking for a release from all the worries and stress at work? Do you need to relax and simply "turn off" for a few days? Our chalets and cottages will help you with this and enjoy the undisturbed tranquility amid the nature of the Czech mountains.
The chalets and cottages allow you to relax deep in the countryside, undisturbed by the outside world. Here you will "annoy" only the singing of birds, the hum of water in the stream of slow-flowing, and the sway of leaves in the wind. You can enjoy peace and quiet without any problems and without constant contact with strangers.
Individual approach
We approach each customer individually and therefore we fulfill the maximum of its requirements with respect to its financial capabilities. Czech chalets and cottages offer the desired relax to everyone. Feel free to embark on a holiday today!

S R.O.

is a common experience. Many businessmen, as a self-employed person, have developed up to their own company, in Whichthey can continue to grow and develop in their field.

The possibilities that entrepreneurs in the founding of the company offer are many-from bank loans, loans and overdraft contracts to the acquisition of new positions in the market. The most important of the business and the design of the project is the richlist of companies in the Czech Republic.

What do you need?

For the foundation of the Company Ltd. is necessary business plan, money deposit and bureaucratsmatters, with which any lawyer with a specialise of commercial law will assist you. Within five weeks, your company should be succesfounded. It is followed by a commercial register, which is waiting for half a year (the Court of Registry). You will receive the incorporation of the company in the commercial register from the registration Court, which is recommended to be sent to the registered office of the company.

We want to offer you our products

We would like to introduce you to our company, which will improve your home in a skilled manner. Do you want a new staircase? Do you want to make it modern and interesting?  Do you desire originality?
Everything for your beautiful home
If you want to feel better in your home, we will be happy to help. Our company has been dealing with the interiors of houses and flats for many years. We will also modernize your house or apartment.  We will gladly help you to choose your stairs if you do not know the advice of choosing material, colors or even style. If you have new stairs, you might like our Pilsen floating floors. Thanks to the floating floor, your home will look much more flasher, more modern, and will also be cleaner. We will gladly fulfill your dream of a beautiful home. We will try to accommodate all of your requirements.

Buy distinctive furniture to turn your house into a home

To make the house a beautiful home for your entire family, just reach for the right furniture. With rustic kitchens you bring a rustic simplicity and quality materials into the house. If you do not feel comfortable in ultramodern interiors and everything is a tree and sterile as in the doctor's waiting room, it will be best for you to concentrate on the classic style.
Pleasant fair hearing and possibilities that you will not offer anyone
We base ourselves on our clients dealing with all discrepancies and any questions. It is not a problem for us to create a tailor-made furniture to fit perfectly into your ideas, but also the interior. On our website we also provide a 3D design service that you can make from the comfort of your home.