Intimate bundles that connect us

The basis is always a couple who loves. Everything else depends on it. If you are faithful, you would probably never be deceived. If you're in a free relationship, it's normal and usually doesn't matter to anyone else, like one night. So it depends on how you build on it. There are people who have one partner for all their lives and only love it, and no more would have thought of it, and then there are others that would have attacked another pile of things, even a whimper, and they are in a group that they will do anything just to enjoy.
How is it really?
But the practice is different. There are exceptions to one side, but also to the other, and those who are alone and do not want to bind. They probably have the best, not that they shouldn't be a partner, but that they can still do what they see fit. Therefore, there is no problem when gentlemen go to erotic massage, which is performed by naked and beautiful ladies, and no one tells them anything, because if you do not have a partner, that is, permanent, so you do not have whom to confevate and entangle, in that it is a spell that is probably the best for these people.