Cheer with us

In the Davis Cup, unfortunately, we were not successful in March this year. That's why our men will have to play a game of preservation in an elite group. Who will represent us? We hope our ones won't disappoint us. Radek Štěpánek and Petr Berdych are sure to participate actively in this match. With our live tennis, we'll be there. Our fans won't disappoint us.
We are great in team competitions
We did not succeed in the opening round of the Davis Cup this time. What was the cause? Apparently the Austrians were better. Our battles did not interfere with the best. Lukáš Rosol and Jiří Veselý lost. We believe that we will be better off in the fight for preservation in the elite group. We'll keep our men thumbs to handle it. It would be a great shame to descend. Our live tennis is still here for you.