3 Travel Tips for U.K. Residents With Diabetes

Diabetes may be a serious disease, but it does not have to mean the end of travel plans for U.K. citizens. It is true that Brexit has complicated journeying in Europe, but careful preparations can reduce the chances of problems occurring. As residents View Travelling requirements, they should research healthcare coverage for each country they plan to visit. In some cases, British coverage will not be accepted and visitors will need to pay cash. It is also important to carry adequate drugs, buy travel insurance, and understand how to access diabetes-friendly food throughout trips.

Stock up on Medicines

Medical experts suggest that diabetic travellers carry double their normal supply of medicines and medical equipment. It’s also important to locate insulin suppliers in every area they will visit. Tourists should check with their doctors before going away. Medical professionals might choose to avoid giving vaccinations that could impact diabetes control. They will also make sure travel vaccines are up to date and caution patients about weather conditions that could affect their disease.

Buy Travel Insurance That Covers Diabetes

The British government encourages citizens with diabetes to buy travel insurance when they are going to European and non-European areas. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid costly medical bills. Insurance should cover diabetes and include provisions that allow travellers to get any treatment they need. A physician can explain what type of care might be required, and an insurer will provide the coverage. When buying insurance, it is important to disclose every medical condition. A mistake could result in non-payment of a claim.

Research Available Food Choices

Because diet plays such a big part in diabetes control, travellers with the disease need to be aware of the food that is available throughout their journeys. In most cases, visitors can choose from local menus and find healthy choices. Those who are flying should be fine with standard airline meals but may want to bring snacks so they have enough carbohydrates. Arline staff will also provide information about meal timing, which is important for insulin planning.

U.K. citizens with diabetes can travel without problems as long as they have an adequate supply of medicines and check with their doctors before leaving. They also need to get travel insurance that covers their disease and ensure they always have access to the kinds of foods needed to manage their disease.