3 Signs That a Detroit Home Roof Needs Replacing

Detroit’s steamy summers and freezing winters are tough on building materials, which is why area homeowners keep an eye on their roofs. It is common for homes to have shingle roofs that do a good job but can cause problems if they fail. Many residents routinely upgrade old shingles to Erie Metal Roofs so they will not have to deal with roofing problems for decades. Owners also schedule replacement if shingles are loose or they notice roofs are drooping.

Shingles Are in Poor Shape

A roof with damaged or missing shingles can sometimes be repaired, but the problem often points to bigger issues. Strong, correctly installed shingles lie flat. If any shingles are protruding above the roofline, it is usually a signal of underlying problems. Missing shingles are also a problem because exposed areas are unprotected. Even curling shingles can point to hidden leaks that are damaging building materials.

There Is Obvious Sagging

Homeowners can spot sagging roofs with just a visual inspection. Ideally, a home’s roofline has a straight, crisp appearance. However, damage can cause some areas to sag. Owners who suspect this problem can verify it by standing back and examining the roof’s peaks, valleys, and edges. Deviations from a clean horizontal line spell trouble. Drooping and sagging are signs that water has seeped under shingles and is very likely rotting structural materials. Sagging generally indicates the need for a new roof.

The Roof Is Aging

Many homeowners simply arrange for replacement roofs because the current materials are very old. The longer materials are exposed to the elements, the more likely it is that homeowners will experience problems like leaks. Seeping water can harm attics, interiors, and building materials. While high-quality shingles can last well over 20 years, incorrect installation, layers of shingles on top of one another, or damaged decking often shorten their lifespans. Established contractors quickly evaluate roof conditions and recommend energy-efficient, durable, and attractive replacement materials.

Home roofs in Detroit are often made of shingles that loosen or fall off over time. That can lead to moisture damage and sagging roofs. With that in mind, homeowners rely on contractors to provide high-quality replacement roofing for damaged materials and roofs reaching the end of their life.

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